The Italian Beef has been deemed the most Chicago of all Chicago sandwiches.  While no one can really say for sure how the Italian Beef got started, here’s the link to the THRILLIST CHICAGO article that talks about the Al and Scala’s history.

Now some facts about what you are eating here at Windy City Red Hots  – outside of the City of Chicago.

  • Vienna Beef Italian Beef:  It is an authentic Italian Beef – I’m not sure how much more authentic it can be, it’s made by Vienna Beef in Chicago and delivered to us.  I actually worked at store in the Northwest side of Chicago back when I was in HS and this is the same exact one we served. 
  • Gonnella Italian Bread: Delivered from Chicago.  We serve our bread slightly toasted on the grill, not everyone in Chicago toasts their bread, it’s really up to you, if you prefer un-toasted, please let us know.
  • Giardiniera Peppers:  Straight out of Chicago as well, made by Chopico which is Vienna Beef owned.

If you you are looking for a real Chicago sandwich experience, here’s some recommendations:

get your sandwich wet, if the thought of gravy bread with a lot of meat is not your thing, then simply get the ends of the bread dipped and a little bit of gravy poured on top .  Now eat your sammich standing up and get into you Italian Beef eating stance.  Put your feet back 15″ from the counter and take a bite.  Why so far back?  Let the juices run down the floor and not on you!  You can use any counter or bar, but we do have a standing counter just for this in the Leesburg location.


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