July is National Hot Dog Month! July 19 is National Hot Dog Day!

“The Council (National Hot Dog & Sausage Council) has selected one special day during the month to pay tribute to the hot dog. July 19 is the date set for the 2017 Annual Hot Dog Lunch on Capitol Hill, one of the most popular social events in Washington, DC. And what better place to highlight America’s favorite food than on the grounds of our nation’s Capitol?  During the lunch, which has been celebrated for decades in Washington, more than 1,000 lawmakers, Administration officials and Capitol Hill staff gather in a courtyard for one of the biggest hot dog picnics ever held. At the lunch, hot dog companies serve their franks from traditional hot dog carts. Many serve special recipes that reflect their home states and districts. Sometimes lawmakers request that hot dogs be prepared in unique ways, like baked inside an Idaho potato for the people of Idaho, topped with Guacamole for Texans or served on a sourdough bun for the folks in San Francisco — all evidence of the hot dog’s versatility.”

-National Hot Dog & Sausage Council

At Windy City Red Hots, No wild guesses here!  We’re serving it just as you will get them in Chicago!  And you thought something else?  We sure hope not.  We hope to see you in Leesburg or Frederick.  We’re having Gift Card Raffles all day and for the first 100 redeem of our Facebook promotion of Dollar Dogs.

We’re All Wieners on National Hot Dog Day!

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