Ketchup & Fries

It’s no secret that Chicago natives  says NO to Ketchup when it comes to their Hot dogs, but there are a number of foods where we say YES to ketchup.  Fries is of course one of them.  Ketchup on a hot dog has also been acceptable for kids – Come on.. how can you say no to a kid, we’re not cruel people!

At Windy City Red Hots, while we don’t put ketchup on our hot dogs, you will find ketchup pumps and packets readily available in all our locations and we won’t hold a grudge.

Here’s an old article of 10 foods Chicago people slather in ketchup  whether you agree or not..


Best Friends (Always & Forever)

A small Easter egg in the image is for my husband Angel.  Happy Dating Anniversary Angel!  We’ve been officially dating each other for 22 years this week. To my best friend, husband and business partner,  I’m not a huge ketchup lover myself, but if I was, you totally are the Ketchup to my Fries.

Which leads me to…

August is National Romance Month

Says Who?  Does it really matter, if it does to you, let’s just say Google says so. Just as we think Ketchup & Fries are a perfect together, So is sharing awesome food experiences with someone you care about!  Don’t forget to check out our website and follow us on social media for August specials and promotions.




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