Pour your own what?  That’s right… Pour your own beer! 

We’ve been downtown Leesburg for 8 years now and we’re exited to be part of it’s transformation.  When we first got here, it was mainly antiques and gift shops and now, King, Market and Loudoun Streets are lined with great restaurants, bars and breweries.  If you’ve been to the Leesburg location in the last 3 weeks, you’ve seen that we’ve been busy moving things around.  We’re not quite sure why it took us so long to get to this layout, but we’re here and we think it looks awesome. We hope you guys enjoy the new look.

So what’s this new beer thing?

The Leesburg location serves beer in cans and bottles (you guys may not have known that), we are bringing in 6 taps equipped with wireless technology that allows you to pour your own beer (as little as a couple of oz to, well it’s up to you) of course, same rules apply when serving alcohol.  It’s super simple  – you’ll find instructions onsite but it’s basically, activate a card with the cashier, place the card on top of the reader, pour your beer in a cup.

What beers will we have on tap?

Nothing’s final yet, but we will be posting this as soon as we’ve completed the line up. How often we change the selections will depend on how quick you all drink them.

To get more space where we are, we moved our entrance to the main door of the building – if you are facing our old red door, it’s the door to your left (formerly Blue Mountain Cafe entrance).  As soon as you walk in, there’s cafe tables and a counter where you can eat, drink and hangout.

We’ve got so many new things coming this spring and summer!  Stay tuned and as always THANK YOU for helping us grow!

Windy City Red Hots Leesburg Team!

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