Where’s the Bar Tender?  Oh wait, that’s me!  The days of waiting for the bar tender to pour you a beer doesn’t exist here, while it never existed at Windy City Red Hots, our place – ever, at this point, there’s no need for one, when you can pour your own.

If you’ve never been to a place that has this set up, or you have been but never tried it, we’re sure you have questions.  Here’s are some answers.  We’re new to this too.. so we will update as we go.


How to Pour Your Own Beer

This sign is right by the taps.  The Beer Card has instructions in the back too.




Pouring Tips

  1. Make sure you open the tap all the way – this is really important or you will be pouring foam
  2. Pay attention to the tilt and upright glass action
  3. Enjoy the experience and beers

Answers to some Questions

Where do we get these Cards?

-You have to check in with a cashier to get one.

Why do I need to go to the cashier, why can’t I just use my card?

-A few reasons, we need to check for ID, need to make sure you aren’t already or too intoxicated to drink, drink responsibly

I’ve reached my 32 oz limit, what do I do now?

– Go back to the cashier and ask to up the limit for another 32oz or cash out.  The Cashier may decide that you’ve had enough – this can happened. Please drink responsibly.

Why is the tap pouring too much foam?

– Please make sure you are following the pouring directions, check with the cashier to check the taps.

I suck at pouring, can someone pour for me?

– This depends on who is currently at the restaurant.

Why is this so cool?

-Why is this not so cool? OK, in case you don’t think so, You get to drink as many or as little beers as you want.  If you tend to nurse your beers, this is perfect for you, your beers will be cold all the time.

How do you charge for the beers?

– You get charged by the amount of oz. you pour – It’s best to not spill your beer.

What does total bill mean?

-The total bill  means the total you’ve tallied for the day, not just the current pour, unless you are pouring for the first time.

How big are the glasses?

-the glasses are 16 oz each

Looks like it’s pouring all foam!

-Machine’s are maintained by humans and humans pour beer, and no one is perfect. If you think something is wrong, please let us know right away so we can take a look at it.  Just remember that good beer has 1-1.5″ of foam, read the directions, watch the video before pouring.


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