Chicago, that “my kind of town” place, first embraced Supreme as The Chicago Tamale™ in 1950 when hot dog vendors sold it out of their carts. The hot dog carts have morphed into hot dog stands, but the tradition of The Chicago Tamale™ lives on.

But, what makes a tamale a Chicago Tamale? This is not your traditional Mexican Tamale. It’s the unique combination of a yellow cornmeal shell encasing tender ground beef flavored with garlic and seven secret spices according to the Supreme website. Yes Cornmeal! It’s a very different taste and flavor.

Now for the different other menu items that you will find ONLY in the midwest that’s from Chicago – not even every place in Chicago sells them..

The Mother-in-law: Chicago Tamale on a poppy seed bun with chili and cheese. In some places you will find this dragged through the garden. We’re not really sure exactly who started this, or which one is the the right one, but it’s worth a try.
The Father-in-law Same as above but adding a Chicago hot dog in the middle of the tamale
The Tamale boat: A cup of chili with a tamale inside it (not available at our place)

Interested in giving anyone of these a try?

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